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2019 – 2020 Academic Year Winner

Andrew Bennett – Class of 2022

Major: Engineering and Management

Hometown: Latham, NY

What His Professors Say About Him: “While I see many excellent students come into Clarkson with great ideas – whether personal ideas for changing or enhancing student life, or academic course-related ideas – very few are as well-equipped as Andrew to plan and execute these ideas”

What His Peers Say About Him: “He is a genuine selfless young man as it shows not only in the community but also within 27 Main Street among his brothers…Andrew not only works extremely hard on the high goals he sets for himself until he achieves them, he does so with an ethic that makes everyone around him feel like they can do the same”

What Andrew Has To Say: “Hearing and seeing everything that the alumni give back to the house is something that is attractive to me. I want to be able to graduate and give back to the house. I want to leave a mark of academic excellence on the house that will be carried on for generations to come. I want to become a leader in society, and I believe that Zeta Nu will provide me with opportunities that will help me grow my leadership and professional skills. As I grow, I will be able to lead by example and help younger classes become more well-rounded individuals.

As a new member of the Zeta Nu Fraternity, I hope to grow as a person. I will face the challenges that are brought to me every day in realization that it will help me grow into a more well-rounded leader. I will embrace the challenge and I am proud to wear the letters of The Zeta Nu Fraternity across my chest.”