Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

The goal of outlining the strategic initiatives is to give focus areas to review at the end of each year, as well as plan to at the beginning of each year.
Keeping our organization in line with these initiatives and measuring progress will help the brotherhood continue to improve and hold those in leadership positions accountable for execution of the strategic initiatives.

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We need to continue to monitor the viability of our physical asset at 27 Main and its operations. This includes cost of living comparison versus available University housing, maintenance schedules, and capital improvement projects. We need to to monitor and collect statistics for comparison on the effect of Rush and membership for all organizations on campus, most importantly those that have moved into the new Greek Row.

Budgets and income/expenditure reports must be made available to the Alumni on a regular basis to provide better financial transparency to the brotherhood in support of this initiative.

Communication among the brotherhood is foremost in ensuring that we are able to make the best decisions for our long term sustainability. Newsletters and All Brotherhood meetings must be informative, efficient, and timely. The website must be a go-to source of information for Alumni and act as a central communication point.

Physical Plant 5 Year Plan

Key Personnel: ZNLA Physical Plant Manager, ZNLA CFO, Active House Manager

Key Components: Physical Plant Plan, Financial Reports


We must continue to focus on putting out successful fundraisers to bring in funds to make Capital Improvement projects and scholarship incentives a reality.
We must continue to work on ways to improve the fundraiser communication and alumni participation. Soliciting feedback from Alumni about fundraisers and keeping an up to date database of Alumni contact information is imperative.

Key Personnel: ZNLA Secretary, ZNLA Fundraising Chairman

Key Components: Alumni Communications/Newsletters, Contact Information Updates, Fundraising Letter and Fundraising Activities

Internal Development

We need to continue to support development of our members, most importantly in the areas of leadership, new member development, and supporting accountability into the daily functioning of the Brotherhood as a whole.
The ZNLA Life Lessons series has been a great starting point; however, organization and participation of our members in a larger conference/workshop to meet CORE Report requirements is one major area of focus.

A regular review of our new member development program amongst an appointed Alumni committee is also a focus. Reviewing our program on a more regular basis will provide stability, continuity, and help avoid the major pitfalls that some organizations find themselves in without such a process.

The Active members have been working on supplementing the constitution officer descriptions with in-depth job descriptions – structured much like you would see a real life job posting. These are intended to be living documents that can change as different responsibilities and expectations may change for a given position. Looking forward, these descriptions can be used to thoroughly review members performance in their given position to increase the importance and accountability of executing to the job description and beyond.

Key Personnel: ZNLA, Active Membership

Key Components: ZNLA Life Lessons, Leadership CORE Report Requirement, Job Descriptions


As an Alumni Association and brotherhood we must continue to support that academics should come first for every member. A focus on establishing awards and incentives for high performing and hardworking members in the academic area is imperative for organizational health. With a stabilizing fundraising situation, these academic incentives can become a reality to encourage and reward members.

A committee could be established to set the terms for such incentives, as well as work in tandem with Clarkson University to support our efforts.

Key Personnel: ZNLA, Active Scholarship Chairman

Key Components: CORE Reports, Member GPAs, Established Awards and Incentives

External Relations

We need to continue to reinforce a positive reputation within the Village Community, Campus Community, and Greek Community.
Maintaining contacts within the Clarkson administration and have them recognize and associate members with Zeta Nu. This includes having the ZNLA recognized as a governing body of the Active membership in a positive and encouraged light. Key persons of the administration include: University President, Dean Of Students, and Assistant Dean Of Students.

Participation in IFC (InterFraternity Council) and GAC (Greek Alumni Council) are important to establish a positive presence amongst Campus Administration and Greek Leaders. Whenever possible, Zeta Nu members must be encouraged to take on positions with these councils to maintain influence within the community.

Maintaining a positive image with the Village is also a focus area. The Village Code Enforcer, Fire Department, Police Department, and other town officials should hold us in high regard. We must continue to contribute to the Village and hold our position as a good standing resident of the community.

Key Personnel: All Alumni and Active Members

Key Components: CORE Report, GAC Meetings, IFC Meetings, Greek Relations